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Christmas List October 26, 2007

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I know, it’s October, but I’ve been asked so have to oblige:

Dressing gown – warm and snuggly, but not white or towelling please

See amazon wishlist

See angelyarns wishlist (if I’ve only asked for one ball, don’t get it, it means I don’t know how much I want yet.)

Purse – nice a large with lots of zippy bits and pockets for notes and cards and receipts and things

Bike clothes – long sleeved top, long sleeved base layer (merino wool),

Calendar – one for work (possibly with minis on)

New glasses (obviously money so I can pick my own)

I will add more when I think of it.  I think that will probably do for now, though.

Being on holiday August 6, 2007

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I am currently being impressed that I can blog under the rather black and cloudless sky following a very hot day of messing about on and in the lake, this is what we came on holiday for, to blog sitting outside in a Bavarian campsite. So far it has been fun, fun, fun. I particularly enjoyed the trip up an alp; two thousand metres in ten minutes in an almost vertical cable car to arrive breathless and giddy – but what a view! I then enjoyed the work of art (if I say so myself) that was Tuscan herring surprise. I am currently enjoying the fact that I can sit outside and look at the stars as I knit. Knitting is a very good campsite occupation, it requires nothing that can reasonably be called a gadget and it packs up really small. It’s even better if you can manage to do it in the light of a meagre battery powered lamp.

(OK, I confess we sold out, we got electricity for our tent – hence blogging and sitting in the light of a farly powerful electric light, but when we were battery powered, I could still knit.)

Small is loving the holiday camping vibe. She hasn’t quite got the hang of the fact that German people speak German and therefore can’t understand most of what she says to them – but being small she manages to communicate with other small people quite well and with big people she can manage the word ‘Danke’  when they give her sweeties – she has worked out that if she does that they will almost certainly give her even more. She can also say ‘bitte’ , ‘Tschüss’ and ‘Ich wasche ab’ (see, we teach her all the most useful things first.) I have also learned some German – I can now say the words for ‘takeaway’ (mitnehmen) and ‘ washing machine token’  (Münze fur Waschautomat) in German. It’s amazing what you  don’t learn in GCSE – you should try explaining to a confused looking shop assistant the concept of apple squash with a four year old in tow saying ‘is it this one?’ over and over again. And as for finding out where to take the rubbish – just don’t even go there.

We are thinking of moving on to Italy next, I wonder whether she will learn any Italian. If she does it won’t be from me.

Fathers Day June 17, 2007

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Today, in case you had missed it, was Fathers Day. Small bought her Daddy a new tie, with a wiggly line on it. She chose the tie, she bought the tie (with Mummy’s money) and she wrapped the tie, she even decided that she wanted to buy a tie rather than a t-shirt. Unfortunately all of this happened on Wednesday, when Daddy was out. Daddy arrived home and went to give Small a kiss goodnight. “Daddy I’ve got a surprise for  you, it’s in the wardrobe” Daddy looks in the wardrobe. “No, not there, under the sheet, it’s a tie.”  So much for the surprise part of the present.

This morning she wrapped the tie, and the toblerone and wrote the card, then had to be physically restrained from going and waking up Daddy in order to give him the surprise tie. In the end Granny took her to buy bread (not needed) and chocolate (well, you just have to when you’re Granny) in order to prevent her from bouncing on Daddy until he woke up and looked suitably surprised at the new tie.

Eventually, when Daddy woke up and received new tie he did indeed manage to look suitably surprised, and pleased with the tie – particularly when it was explained to him that Small had picked it (because it has a wiggly line on it) and I had only helped by preventing her from buying the bright blue one with fuschia pink squares on it.

Small then had to make Daddy breakfast in bed. It was only muesli, but very well received. She managed to pour muesli into a bowl without spilling it everywhere or piling up a muesli mountain and she poured the milk without leaving puddles everywhere or flooding the breakfast too much. Well, she is only three.

What do you buy for the girl who has everything? June 9, 2007

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I’ve just spent the evening trying to think of enough stuff to fill a birthday present list for Small. An enviable position to be in, to be sure, but it was hard work trying to think of enough stuff that she might want that won’t completely fill up our house/garden with toys, that Small might play with for some time and that people will want to buy for her (right price range, things they might actually want to buy…)

I have a headache – but all I need to do now is plan a birthday party which as much family as possible can come to, decide what we will buy for her and make sure that she doesn’t get the same thing twice.

And then it’s my birthday – things are looking up.

Going to sleep…no really June 5, 2007

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I love the summer for so many reasons, getting Small to go to sleep before midnight is not one of them.

I have never heard so much shouting and screaming, and she could dither about for Britain when it comes to bedtime. When the shouting stops you know it’s just a matter of time before the ‘I need the toilet’ starts and then the night just gets longer and longer.

I love the summer…no really.

Playing Out June 4, 2007

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Small has discovered the delight that only a small child can have in rushing up and down the street on a scooter with other small children, punctuated by ‘picnics’ on other people’s drives. This is, apparently, so much fun that having to come in for such minor inconveniences as eating and sleeping provokes screaming tears in the middle of the street. What fun.

This also, of course, means that I end up spending most of my time while at home sitting on a highly uncomfortable concrete front step trying to keep track of her as she whizzes past at a dozen miles an hour shouting ‘first one to the lamppost is the winner!’

There are several friends involved in playing out. The older boys, determined to win – even when competing against a very small girl – crash past her in the rush to get to the lamppost and the small girl trots along behind saying ‘shall we play doctors?’

But I wanted to win March 6, 2007

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Small is having a go at the challenging job of working out the game of ‘tumbling monkeys’. The idea that if you end up with more monkeys you don’t win is one that seems to be causing difficulties. So far she has tried ‘Well, if you get five, you win.’ and that old standard  ‘but I wanted to win.’ You can’t really argue with that kind of logic, can you?

Berroco® Free Pattern | Sybellia Pullover and Scarf March 5, 2007

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Berroco® Free Pattern | Sybellia Pullover and Scarf

The Queen of hearts… March 5, 2007

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…she made some tarts. Jam in the hair, pastry ground into the table and billowing clouds of flour later, the special tarts for Grandad’s birthday were made and ready to take, there was jam baked all over the tray and the oven, and all we had to do then was persuade Small that they were all for Grandad’s birthday and she couldn’t even have just one for pudding.

Are we going right now? March 1, 2007

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Tonight we had the exciting job of packing Small’s new suitcase. She and I have very different approaches to packing. She takes about 90 seconds. She empties everything into the case, one drawer at a time and when it’s full she says “I’m packed, are we going right now?”. I then empty the spare fifteen pairs of pants and socks out of the case and put in useful things like clothes. She then empties out the case, “I want to look at it,” and puts almost everything back, we finish off with the job of finding out what she managed to drop onto the floor and I put it back.

Tomorrow we make jam tarts.


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